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Plana Heights Project

 The initiation and creation of an architecturally enchanting spot set in the Plana Mountains which lies between the capital, Sofia, and the town of Samokov, close to the Olympic ski resort of Borovetz, the ski resorts of Vitosha and the unique resort area of the Big Lake Iscar, comprising over approximately 2,000 decares (1 decare = 1000m2) around an additional 1,800 decares of forest, which will exemplify a model of progress, high standards and quality of life, in an outstanding pastoral environment.



Project Overview

1.Innovative Development: 

  • enabling investors to build their own houses by keeping coherent design of the project
  • Infrastructure and construction will be financed by the individual investors


  • creating a green community of about 500 families at first stage by providing necessary services and infrastructure


  • About 2,000 decars of urbanised land with no encumbrances or liens


  • next to the village of Plana - half an hour  from Sofia, 20 minutes from Borovets Ski Resort, 10 minutes from Belchin Banya Spa Resort and Iskar lake

The Business Model 

  • We sell land plots to individual investors so they can build their own houses
  • We take care of the coherent architectural design of the houses and the whole project
  • We will develop the engineering infrastructure, financed by the residents
  • We will stay as services provider when the project is fully developed




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